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Sir Robert Keith portrait Left (died 11 August 1332) was a Scottish knight, diplomat, and hereditary Marischal of Scotland who commanded forces loyal to Robert Bruce at the Battle of Bannockburn.

[[PASTING TABLES IS NOT SUPPORTED]] Service before Bannockburn

Under Malcolm IV, the title Marischal of Scotland had been bestowed on Keith's ancestors, a title which became hereditary and was passed on from one Keith to the next. Robert Keith was the great-grandson of Philip de Keith (d. c. 1225), and the son of William de Keith (d. c. 1293), both his predecessors as Marischals. He took up a military career as a young man, but was also considered by other Scottish barons to be something of a leader, being appointed justiciary of the lands beyond the River Forth.[1]

He was captured by the English in a skirmish near the River Cree in 1300, but was back in Scotland by 1308 and in March 1309 was present at Robert I of Scotland's first parliament at St Andrews.


Keith served as a relatively senior general with Bruce's army throughout the war, and, prior to the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, was appointed co-leader of a reconnoitering force sent out to gather information about the army of King Edward II of England. During the battle itself, he commanded about 500 Scottish cavalry,[2] although, like other Scottish knights, he may have fought dismounted.

Keith's force was drawn into combat with the English archers,[3] who had in the past and would in later battles inflict heavy losses among the Scottish infantry. Keith and his men, however, flanked the archers and routed them.

The battle was a decisive victory for the Scots, following which Bruce had undisputed military control of Scotland, excepting the Royal Burgh of Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Later years

Keith was among the Scottish magnates[4] who in 1320 signed a letter to the Pope vindicating Scottish independence. Afterward, he was given several diplomatic assignments, serving as a peace commissioner to England in 1323. He was also among the dignitaries who ratified the Treaty of Corbeil (1326) with the King of France.

He was killed fighting for King David II of Scotland at the Battle of Dupplin Moor.

Ancestors and descendants

Sir Robert Keith was the great-grandson of Philip Keith, the first Earl Marischal.

Keith's grandson and successor as Marischal, also named Robert Keith, was killed during the Battle of Durham in 1346. Keith's indirect descendants, eventually known as the Earls Marischal, held that title for several centuries to come. During the English Civil War, one of his descendants fought as a Royalist officer, and was imprisoned under Oliver Cromwell's regime.

Marischals and Great Marischals of Scotland Earls Marischal (c. 1458)

Some sources use different numbering, so that the final earl was the 9th Earl Marischal and not the 10th.[citation needed]

                                                                             The Scottish Warrior

Origins of the Name A Scottish warrior slew the Danish General Camus at the Battle of Barrie in 1010 for which King Máel Coluim II of Scotland dipped three fingers into the blood of the slain and drew them down the shield of the warrior. Thereafter the warrior was named Marbhachir Chamius or Camus Slayer. Ever since then the Chief of the Clan Keith has borne the same mark of three red lines on his arm. Máel Coluim's victory at the Battle of Carham in 1018 brought him into outright possession of the lands of the Lothians and the Merse. The Keiths derive their name from the Barony of Keith, Humbie, East Lothian, said to have been granted by the king to Marbhachir Chamius for his valour. Wars of Scottish Independence The office of Earl Marischal and later Knight Marischal of Scotland, was hereditary in the Keith family until the 18th.c. It may have been conferred at the same time as the barony, since it was confirmed, together with possession of the lands of Keith, to Sir Robert Keith by a charter of King Robert the Bruce, and appears to have been held as annexed to the land by the tenure of grand serjeanty. Sir Robert Keith commanded the Scottish horse at Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 and was killed at the Battle of Dupplin Moor. His grandson, also Robert Keith, was killed at the Battle of Neville's Cross in 1346. At the close of the 14th century Sir William Keith, by exchange of lands with Lord Lindsay, obtained the crag of Dunnottar in Kincardineshire, where he built Dunnottar Castle, which became the stronghold of the Clan Keith. He died in about 1407. The Castle is on a cliff-top, south of Stonehaven. 15th Century & Clan Conflicts The Clan Keith were often at feud with the neighbouring Clan Irvine. Both clans invaded each others' lands. In 1402 the Clan Irvine are said to have attacked and defeated an invading war party of the Clan Keith in what was known as the Battle of Drumoak. In 1430 a later Sir William Keith was created Lord Keith, and a few years afterwards Earl Marischal, and these titles remained in the family until 1716. Battle of Blare Tannie, 1464, Fought between the Clan Keith, assisted by the Clan MacKay against the Clan Gunn. The inhabitants of Caithness assembled an army and met the MacKays and Keiths at a place in Caithness called Blair-tannie. There ensued a cruel fight, with slaughter on either side. In the end the Keiths and MacKays had the victory by means chiefly of John Mor MacIan-Riabhaich (an Assynt man), who was very famous in these countries for his manhood shown at this conflict. Two chieftains and leaders of the inhabitants of Caithness were slain. Angus MacKay would later be defeated by Clan Ross. Battle of Champions, 1478, Fought between twelve men of the Clan Gunn and twenty four men of the Clan Keith where the chief of Clan Gunn was killed. The chief of the Clan Keith was also soon after killed by the Gunns in a revenge attack. 16th Century & Clan Conflicts In 1571 the Clan Keith joined forces with the Clan Forbes in their feud against the Clan Gordon. The Forbes were also joined by Clan Fraser and Clan Crichton. The Gordons were also joined by Clan Leslie, Clan Irvine and Clan Seton. The feud between the Gordons and Forbes which had gone on for centuries culminated in two full scale battles: The Battle of Tillieangus and the Battle of Craibstone. It was at the Battle of Tillieangus that the 6th Lord Forbes's youngest son known as Black Aurther Forbes was killed. Legend has it that 'he stooped down to quench his thirst and one of the Gordons gave him his death blow through an open joint in his armour'. William, fourth Earl Marischal (died 1581), was one of the guardians of Mary Queen of Scots during her minority, and was a member of her privy council on her return to Scotland. While refraining from extreme partisanship, he was an adherent of the Reformation; he retired into private life at Dunnottar Castle about 1567, thereby gaining the sobriquet 'William of the Tower.' He was reputed to be the wealthiest man in Scotland. His eldest daughter Anne married the regent Murray. His grandson George Keith, 5th Earl Marischal (c. 1553-1623), was one of the most cultured men of his time. He was educated at King's College, Aberdeen, where he became a proficient classical scholar, afterwards studying divinity under Theodore Beza at Geneva. The 5th Earl was responsible for the Tower house still extant on his ancestral lands at Keith Marischal. 17th Century & Civil War George Keith, 5th Earl Marischal was a firm Protestant, and took an active part in the affairs of the kirk. His high character and abilities procured him the appointment of special ambassador to Denmark to arrange the marriage of James VI with the Princess Anne. He was subsequently employed on a number of important commissions; but he preferred literature to public affairs, and about 1620 he retired to Dunnottar, where he died in 1623. He is chiefly remembered as the founder in 1593 of the Marischal College in the university of Aberdeen, which he richly endowed. From an uncle he inherited the title of Lord Altrie about 1590. William Keith, 7th Earl Marischal (c. 1617-1661), took a prominent part in the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, being at first a leader of the covenanting party in northeast Scotland, and the most powerful opponent of the Clan Gordon and the Marquess of Huntly. He cooperated with James Graham the 1st Marquess of Montrose in Aberdeenshire and neighbouring counties against the Gordons. With Montrose he signed the Bond of Cumbernauld in August 1640, but took no active steps against the popular party till 1648, when he joined the Duke of Hamilton in his invasion of England, escaping from the rout at Preston. In 1650 Charles II was entertained by the Marischal at Dunnottar; and in 1651 the Scottish regalia were left for safe keeping in his castle. In 1651 the Royalists at the Battle of Worcester were commanded by Colonel Keith. Taken prisoner, he was committed to the Tower of London and was excluded from Oliver Cromwell's Act of Grace. He was made a privy councillor at the Restoration and died in 1661. Sir John Keith (died 1714), brother of the 7th Earl Marischal, was, at the Restoration, given the hereditary office of Knight Marischal of Scotland, and in 1677 was created Earl of Kintore, and Lord Keith of Inverurie and Keith-Hall, a reward for his share in preserving the regalia of Scotland, which were secretly conveyed from Dunnottar to another hiding-place, when the castle was besieged by Cromwell's troops, and which Sir John, perilously to himself, swore he had carried abroad and delivered to Charles II, thus preventing further search. From him are descended the earls of Kintore. 18th Century & Jacobite Uprisings George Keith, 10th Earl Marischal (c. 1693-1778), served under Marlborough, and like his brother James Francis Edward, Marshal Keith, was a zealous Jacobite, taking part in the rising of 1715 after which he escaped to the continent. Francis's brother George Keith the Earl Marischal took over as chief of Clan Keith and he led the clan when they fought at the Battle of Glenshiel in 1719. George escaped the gallows by fleeing with the Jacobites, and was exiled to Prussia, where he met up with his brother Francis Keith who wrote a narration of the battle. In the following year Francis was attainted, his estates and titles being forfeited to the Crown. He lived for many years in Spain, where he concerned himself with Jacobite intrigues, but he took no part in the rebellion of 1745, proceeding about that year to Prussia, where he became, like his brother George Keith, intimate with Frederick the Great. Frederick employed him in several diplomatic posts, and he is said to have conveyed valuable information to the Earl of Chatham, as a reward for which he received a pardon from George II, and returned to Scotland in 1759. His heir male, on whom, but for the attainder of 1716, his titles would have devolved, was apparently his cousin Alexander Keith of Ravelston, to whom the attainted earl had sold the castle and lands of Dunnottar in 1766. From Alexander Keith was descended, through the female line, Sir Patrick Keith Murray of Ochtertyre, who sold the estates of Dunnottar and Ravelston. After the attainder of 1716 the right of the Keiths of Ravelston to be recognized as the representatives of the earls marishal was disputed by Robert Keith (1681-1757), bishop of Fife, a member of another collateral branch of the family. The bishop was a writer of some repute, his chief work, The History of the Affairs of the Church and State of Scotland (Edinburgh, 1734), being of considerable value for the reigns of James V, James VI, and Mary Queen of Scots. He also published a Catalogue of the Bishops of Scotland (Edinburgh, 1755) and other less important historical and theological works. Robert Keith (died 1774), descended from a younger son of the family, was British minister in Vienna in 1748, and subsequently held other important diplomatic appointments, being known to his numerous friends, among whom were the leading men of letters of his time, as 'Ambassador Keith'. His son, Sir Robert Murray Keith (1730-1795), was on Lord George Sackville's staff at the Battle of Minden. He became colonel of a regiment (the 87th foot) known as Keith's Highlanders, who won distinction in the continental wars, but were disbanded in 1763; he was then employed in the diplomatic service, in which he achieved considerable success by his honesty, courage, and knowledge of languages. In 1781 he became lieutenant-general; in 1789, he was made a privy councillor. 19th Century From the Keith family through the female line was descended George Keith Elphinstone, Baron Keith of Stonehaven, Marishal and afterwards Viscount Keith, whose titles became extinct at the death of his daughter Margaret, Baroness Keith, in 1867. Clan Chief The current Chief of Clan Keith is James William Falconer Keith, 14th Earl of Kintore Clan Castles Keith Hall estate in Aberdeenshire is the current seat of the chief of Clan Keith. Dunnottar Castle became the seat of the chief of Clan Keith in 1639 but is now ruined. Fetteresso Castle passed from the Clan Strachan to the Clan Keith chief, Earl Marischal during the early 14th century. Clan Profile Mottos: Dexter, Quae amissa salva (What has been lost is safe), Sinister, Veritas vincit (Truth conquers), On compartment, Thay say: quhat they say: thay haif sayed: let thame say Slogan: A Keith, Veritas Vincit (also Truth Prevails) Plant Badge:White Rose Thomas Dickson of Hazelside and Symington (1247-1307) and his Dickson descendants from the Keiths In about 1306, Thomas Dickson, the Laird of Symington and Hazelside, had the barony of Symundstun, now Symington, conveyed to him as Thomas filius Ricardi, the barony of Symundstun, now Symington, in the county of Lanark, and also, he was created Hereditary Castellan or Governor of Douglas Castle by King Robert the Bruce. As such he resided in his own house except in case of war, when he left his house in charge of his dependents and himself took command of Douglas Castle. Hazelside was 10 miles from Douglas Castle in Douglasdale, Lanarkshire. This Thomas, the first Dickson on record, moreover, was evidently a person of very good standing, such as a grandson of the Earl Marischal might be expected to be, a man of wealth as well as influence, and was also a clansman of the Douglas. Two of the oldest Scottish Historians recount his deeds, Archdeacon Barbour who wrote in 1375, and Blind Harry, or Henry the Minstrel, whose metrical history was written about 1381. There are some who speak slightingly of the bard, but Major, who was born in 1405, says he was living about that time and that he recited his compositions in the presence of princes or men of the highest rank (coram principibus), and Chalmers in his Caledonia, says 'Blind Harrie, whom the Scottish Historians generally follow but dare not quote. Blind Harrie is, however, supported bt the Tower Records'. In 1295 when Douglas wished to recover his castle of Sanquhar, he applied to Thomas Dickson who was 'born to himself', i.e. relation or clansman by birth, and addresses him as 'Dear Friend', and relied so much upon him that he afterward selected him to pass through the enemy's camp of some three thousand men to bear a message to Wallace; while Barbour says he was rich in moveables and cattle, and had many friends, besides which his house could not have been a small one as it contained a private chamber where he not only concealed Douglas but also brought persons to see him without attracting notice, and the space for such a secret apartment could not have been taken out of a small house without being perceived. This Thomas Dickson also served William the Hardy's son, James Douglas, 'The Good Sir James' with the recapture of Douglas Castle in 1307. The Good Sir James (or 'Black Douglas') And His Connection With Thomas Dickson William the Hardy's son, James Douglas, 'The Good Sir James', was the first to take the epithet 'Black'. Douglas was set to share in Bruce's early misfortunes, being present at the defeats at Methven and Dalrigh. But for both men these setbacks were to provide a valuable lesson in tactics: limitations in both resources and equipment meant that the Scots would always be a disadvantage in conventional Medieval warfare. By the time the war was renewed in the spring of 1307 they had learnt the value of guerrilla warfare - known at the time as 'secret war' - using fast moving, lightly equipped and agile forces to maximum effect against an enemy often locked in to static defensive positions. His actions for most of 1307 and early 1308 were local rather than national in nature, confined for the most part to his native Douglasdale. Nevertheless, he was soon to create a formidable reputation for himself as a soldier and a tactician. While Bruce was campaigning in the north against his domestic enemies, Douglas used the cover of Selkirk Forest to mount highly effective mobile attacks against the enemy. He also showed himself to be utterly ruthless, particularly in his relentless attacks on the English garrison in his own Douglas Castle, the most famous of which quickly passed into popular history. Barbour dates this incident to Palm Sunday 1307, which fell on 19th March. Thomas Dickson (1247-1307) the Laird of Symington and Hazelside, Lanarkshire, Baron of Symington, and Governor of Douglas Castle, the son of Richard or Dick de Keith, who was a son of Hervey de Keith, Great Marischal of Scotland, who died in 1249, and Margaret his wife, the daughter of the 3rd Lord Douglas. Their grandson Thomas was born in 1247, he was second cousin of William 7th Lord Douglas, father of the good Sir James Douglas, eighth Lord, to whom Dickson was certainly a trusty friend. In the recovery of Douglas Castle, Thomas Dickson and his small troop were hidden until the morning of Palm Sunday, when the garrison left the battlements to attend the local church. Gathering local support he entered the church and the war-cry 'Douglas!' 'Douglas!' went up for the first time. Some of the English soldiers were killed and others taken prisoner. Thomas Dickson was killed fighting several English in St Bride's Kirk, on 19th March 1307, and was buried in an elaborate tomb close to St Brides in the churchyard. His descendants bare the Keith Arms of 'Pallets Gules' with the Douglas 'Mullets Argent' to shew their descent from the Keith and Douglas families, with the motto 'Fortes Fortuna Juvat'. His eldest son and heir was Thomas Dickson there were other sons also. From Thomas Dickson of Hazelside and Symington (1247-1307) descends the Dickson Clan/Family, many have been illustrious especially in the armed services and descendants are to be found in America, Australia, Canada, England, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, and Sweden. The Dickson Coat of Arms Family Motto: 'Fortes Fortuna Juvat' (Fortune Favours the Brave) Early Family Arms: ' Three Pallets Gules with Three Mullets Argent ' Crest: 'A sword in bend proper' Clan Septs and Tartans The same sett is used in dark (Modern) and light (Ancient) colours. Austen Austin Cate(s) Dickson Dix(s)on Dick Falconer Faulkner Harvey Hackston Haxton Hervey Hurrie Hurry Keath Keech Keeth Keyth, Kite Lumgair MacKeith Marshall Ouston Urie Urry

At the close of the 14th century Sir William Keith, by exchange of lands with Lord Lindsay, obtained the crag of Dunnottar in Kincardineshire, where he built Dunnottar Castle, which became the stronghold of the Clan Keith. He died in about 1407. The Castle is on a cliff-top, south of Stonehaven.

Dunnottar Castle

Always majestic and forever alone;
Standing atop her North Sea throne,
She has withstood the winds of war and ruin;
Silent and proud through years of pain!

If she could speak and tell her tale;
Our lives to hers would surely pale.
This fortress once stood tall and strong;
Against all forces that would do her wrong!

The North Sea bathes her day and night;
Crying now, for her lost will to fight.
Within her walls Dunnottar once did hide;
The crown, sword and scepter of Scotland's pride!

As I stand looking at this mystical place;
I am awe struck by her majesty and grace.
She touches my heart and depths of my soul;
I imagine her often, once again whole!

I have wept for her, but weep no more;
Feeling her pride and strength to my very core.
Even in ruin she maintains her imposing throne;
A place the mighty Keith Clan once called home!

By: Sharon Martin
April 1998

James Francis Edward Keith
Statue of Field -Marshal James Keith
Field-Marshal Keith was born at Inverugie Castle on the outskirts of Peterhead in 1696. Of a prominent Jacobite family he took part in both the 1715 and 1719 risings following which he went into exile on the continent.Here he served as a mercenary in the armies of Spain, Russia and finally Prussia where Frederick the Great made him a Field-Marshal. He served with distinction in the 'Seven Years War'but was shot at Hochkirk in 1758. This statue, a copy of one in Germany, was presented to the town by King William I of Prussia in 1868.

James Keith was a Scottish mercenary in the service of Russia and Prussia.

James Francis Edward Keith (11 June 1696 – 14 October 1758) was a Scottish soldier and Prussian field marshal. As a Jacobite he took part in a failed attempt to restore the Stuart Monarchy to Britain, before joining the Spanish and Russian armies. He ultimately came to serve in the Prussian army under Frederick the Great where he distinguished himself. He died during the Seven Years War at the Battle of Hochkirk.

Early life

He was born at Inverugie Castle near Peterhead, the second son of William, 9th Earl Marischal of Scotland. Through his careful education under the historian Robert Keith, and subsequently at the University of Aberdeen in preparation for the legal profession, he acquired that taste for literature which secured him the esteem of the most distinguished savants of Europe, but at an early period his preference for a soldier's career was clear. The Jacobite rising of 1715, in which he displayed qualities that gave some augury of his future eminence, compelled him to seek safety on the Continent (Nihtinen 1998).

After spending two years in Paris, chiefly at the university, he took part in abortive risings in 1719 in support of James Stuart, son of the deposed King James VII and pretender to the Scottish throne.[1]

Spanish and Russian service

He then passed some time at Paris and Madrid in obscurity and poverty, but eventually obtained a colonelcy in the Spanish army, and, it is said, took part in the Siege of Gibraltar (1726-1727).

 Keith Coat Of Armes
Keith Clan Crest, Scotland.
Keith A1. Herveus/Hervey/Herbert, granted the lands of Keith by David I, possibly the same Hervey that held the office of King's Marischal under Malcolm IV and William the Lion, d. bef. 1196.

B1. Malcolm de Keith, d. aft. 1220.
  • C1. Philip de Keth, joint Marischal of Scotland, d. bef. 1225, m. Eda Lorens, daughter of Hugh Lorens and his wife Eda Fraser (daughter of Symon Fraser of Keith-Symon or Keith-Hundeby).
  • D1. Hervey de Keth, joint Marischal of Scotland, d. bef. 1250.
  • E1. Sir John de Keith, d. bef. 1270, m. Margaret Cumyn (possibly a daughter of William Cumyn, Earl of Buchan).
  • F1. Sir William de Keith, d. bef. 1293, m. Barbara de Seton (daughter of Adam de Seton).
  • G1. Sir Robert de Keith, Marischal of Scotland, killed at the battle of Durham 17 Oct 1346, m. Barbara Douglas.
  • H1. John de Keith, d. 1324, m. the sister of William de Soulis.
  • I1. Robert de Keith, d. bef. 1246, m. Margaret Hay, daughter of Sir Gilbert Hay of Erroll, first Constable of Scotland.
  • I2. Sir Edward de Keith, killed at the battle of Durham, 17 Oct 1346.
  • I3. Edmund de Keith, killed at the battle of Durham, 17 Oct 1346.
  • I4. a daughter, m. Sir Robert Maitland.
  • H2. Sir William de Keith, kn. 1335.
  • G2. Sir Richard de Keith.
  • G3. Sir Edward de Keith, Marischal of Scotland, d. bef. 1351, m. 1stly bef. Jul 1305 to Isabella Sinton; m. 2ndly Christian Menteith, daughter of Sir John Menteith, Lord of Arran, and his wife Ellen of Mar.
  • H1. *by 1* Sir William Keith, Marischal of Scotland, d. bef. 1410, m. Margaret Fraser, daughter of John Fraser (son of Sir Alexander Fraser, High Chamberlain of Scotland) and his wife Mary Bruce, sister of King Robert I.
  • I1. John Keith, d. bef. 27 Dec 1375, m. Jean Bruce of Scotland, daughter of King Robert II.
  • J1. Robert Keith, d. bef. 1 Aug 1404.
  • I2. Sir Robert Keith, Marischal of Scotland, d. bef. 20 Jul 1430, m. N. N., heiress of Troup. Said also to have married Elizabeth Lindsay of Crawford, but this is most likely incorrect.
  • J1. Sir William Keith, 1st Earl of Marischal, Lord Keith, d. bef. 16 Mar 1464, m. Mary Fraser, d. bef. Aug 1442, daughter of Alexander Fraser of Kinnell and Lovat (who at about the same time marrie Williams sister. Mary, threfore being his daughter in an earlier marriage).
  • K1. Sir Robert Keith, m. Janet Seton, daughter of Sir John Seton of that Ilk.
  • L1. Janet Ketih, m. Andrew, 2nd Lord Gray.
  • K2. William Keith, 2nd Earl Marischal, Lord Keith, d. bef. 1483, m. Mariota/Muriella, daughter of Thomas, 2nd Lord Erskine.
  • L1. William Keith, 3rd Earl Marischal, Lord Keith, d. bef. 2 May 1527, m. contract 11 Jan 1482 to Elizabeth Gordon, daughter of George Gordon, 2nd Earl of Huntly. For his descendants, see Part 2, below.
  • L2. Anthony Keith.
  • L3. Robert Keith.
  • L4. John Keith of Craig, ancestor of the Keiths of Craig, extinct 1795.
  • L5. Alexander Keith of Auquhorsk, b. 1460.
  • K3. John Keith.
  • K4. Alexander Keith.
  • K5. Janet Keith, m. 1stly to John Leslie, Master of Rothes, m. 2ndly Thomas, 2nd Lord Innermeath.
  • K6. Egidia Keith, d. aft. 14 Aug 1473, m. James, 2nd Lord Forbes.
  • J2. John Keith of Troup, ancestor of the Keiths of Northfield, extinct 1799.
  • J3. Alexaner Keith.
  • J4. Margaret Keith, d. 1419, m. Hugh Arbuthnott of Arbuthnott.
  • J5. Elizabeth Keith, d. 1400, m. Alexander Irvine of Drum.
  • J6. Christian Keith, m. Thomas Monypenny.
  • J7. Marion Keith, m. aft. 26 Apr 1414 to Alexander Fraser of Kinnell and Lovat.
  • I3. Sir Alexander Keith, d. aft. 2 Jun 1413, m. bef. 1403 to Marjorie Stewart (in her 2nd marriage, m. 1stly to John Dunbar, Earl of Moray).
  • J1. Christian Keith, m. Patrick Ogilvy, son of Alexander de Ogilvy, Sheriff of Angus.
  • I4. Muriella Keith, m. aft. 4 May 138 to Robert Stewart, Duke of Albany.
  • I5. Janet Keith, m. Philip de Arbuthnott.
  • I6. Margaret Keith, m. Sir James de Lindsay of Crawford (d. 1397).
  • I7. Elizabeth Keith, d. abt. 1436, m. 1stly Sir Adam Gordon of Huntly, m. 2ndly Sir Nicholas Erskine of Kinnoull (d. bef. Dec 1406), m. 3rdly aft. 2 Nov 1411 to Thomas Somerville of Carnwath.
  • I8. Christian Keith, may have m. 1stly aft. 1 Mar 1363 to John Hay, son of John Hay of Tullibody; m. 2ndly bef. 27 Dec 1375 to Sir William Lindsay of the Byres.
  • H2. *by 1* John de Keith, m. aft. 12 Mar 1369 to Mariota de Cheyne (in her 2nd marriage, m. 1stly John de Douglas of Strabrock in Linlithgow), daughter of Reginald de Cheyne of Inverugie and his wife Mary (daughter of Freskin de Moravia of Duffus).
  • I1. a son.
  • J1. a son.
  • K1. a son.
  • L1. Sir William Keith of Inverugie, d. 1521, m. Janet Dunbar (daughter of Sir James Dunbar of Westfield, Sheriff of Moray).
  • M1. Sir Alexander Keith, d. bef. 1518.
  • M2. William Keith, m. Janet Gray (in her 3rd marriage, m. 1stly John Charteris of Cuthilgurdy, m. 2ndly Sir David Wemyss of that Ilk [d. at Flodden]), daughter of Andrew, 2nd Lord Gray.
  • N1. Margaret Keith, m. bef. 30 Jun 1538 to William, 4th Earl Marischal (Part 2, below).
  • N2. Elizabeth Keith, m. 19 Dec 1538 to William, 7th Lord Forbes.
  • M3. John Keith of Ravenscraig, ancestor of the family of Keith of Ludquharn.
  • H3. *by 1* Catherine de Keith, m. Alexander Barclay of Ury.
  • H4. *by 1* Joneta/Janet de Keith, m. Sir Thomas Erskine of Erskine.
  • G4. Philip de Keith, rector of Biggar, Lanarkshire.
  • G5. a daughter, may have m. William Douglas 'le Hardi'.
  • F2. Adam de Keith, rector of the church of Keith-Marischal.
  • F3. a son (Robert?) de Keith, ancestor of the Keith's of Galston.
  • G1. Sir William Keith of Galston, ambassador to England, killed at the siege of Stirling 1336.
  • H1. Janet Keith of Galston, m. 1stly David Hamilton of Cadzow (d. bef. 1392), m. 2ndly Sir Alexander Stewart of Darnley.
  • F4. ? a son, m. Joanna (d. 1301), daughter of William of Galbrathe (son of Sir William Galbrathe and his wife, a daughter of Sir John Cumyn of Badenoch).
  • G1. Bernard de Keth.
  • C2. David de Keth, joint Marischal of Scotland, d. aft. 1237.
  • D1. David de Keth, Marischal of Scotland, d. aft. 1296.
  • E1. Richard de Keith, m. Agnes.

*** Part 2 ***

William Keith, 3rd Earl Marishal, and Elizabeth Gordon, his wife, had issue as follows:
  • M1.Robert Keith, Lord Keith, Master of Marischal, d. aft. 5 Apr 1514, m. 1505 to Elizabeth (Beatrice) Douglas of Morton, daughter of John, 2nd Earl of Morton.
  • N1. William Keith, 4th Earl Marischal, d. 7 Oct 1581, m. Margaret Keith, daughter of William Keith, younger of Inverugie (see above, Part 1).
    • O1. William Keith, Lord Keith, Master of Marischal, d. at Dunottar 10 Aug 1580, m. contract 14 Jan 1543, Elizabeh Hay, daughter of George Hay, 6th Earl of Errol.
    • P1. George Keith, 5th Earl Marischal, b. 1553, d. at Dunottar Castle 2 Apr 1623, m. 1stly contract 4 Feb 1581 to Margaret Home (d. May 1598), sister of Alexander Home, 1st Earl of Home; m. 2ndly to Margaret Ogilvy (in her 1st marriage, m. 2ndly bef. 20 Jan 1624 to Sir Alexander Strachan of Thornton), daughter of James, 5th Lord Ogilvy of Airlie.
    • Q1. *by 1* William Keith, 6th Earl Marischal, b. abt 1585, d. at Dunottar Castle 28 OCt 1635, m. contract 12 Oct 1609 to Mary Erskine of Mar (in her 1st marriage; m. 2ndly to Patrick Maule, 1st Earl of Panmure), daughter of John Erskine, Earl of Mar.
    • R1. William Keith, 7th Earl Marischal, b. 1614, d. at Inverugie Mar 1671, m. 1stly contract 22 May 1637 to Elizabeth Seton (b. abt. 1622, d. 16 Jun 1650), daughter of George, 2nd Earl of Winton; m. 2ndly Apr 1654 to Anne Douglas (d. abt. 1689), daughter of Robert, Earl of Morton.
    • S1. *by 1* Willia Keith, b. 11 Aug 1638, d. young.
    • S2. *by 1* Mary Keith, m. 1stly 29 Oct 1657 to Sir James Hope of Hopetoun; m. 2ndly to Sir Archibald Murray of Blackbarony.
    • S3. *by 1* Elizabeth Keith, d. Feb 1664, m. contract 25 Mar 1658 to Robert, 2nd Viscount Arbuthnott.
    • S4. *by 1* Jean Keith, m. contract 22/23 Sep 1669 to George, 3rd Lord Banff.
    • S5. *by 1* Isabel Keith, m. Sir Edward Turnour.
    • S6. *by 1* Margaret Keith, b. 16 Jul 1644, d. young.
  • R2. George Keith, 8th Earl Marischal, d. 1694, m. 6 Feb 1662 to Mary Hay, daughter of George, 2nd Earl of Kinnoull.
  • S1. William Keith, 9th Earl Marischal, b. bef. 1666, d. in London 27 May 1712, m. abt. 1690 to Mary Drummond (d. at Edinburgh 7 May 1729), daughter of James, 4th Earl of Perth, High Chancellor of Scotland.
  • T1. George Keith, 10th Earl Marischal, b. 1694, d. at Potsdam, Prussia, 28 May 1778.
  • T2. James Keith, b. at Inverugie 16 Jun 1696, Governor of the Ukraine, killed at the battle of Hochkirchen, 14 Oct 1758, bur. Garrison Church, Berlin.
  • T3. Mary Keith, d. 1712, m. contract 8 Feb 1711 to John Seton, 6th Earl of Wigtoun.
  • T4. Anne Keith, d. 1728, m. 1719 to Alexander, 6th Earl of Galloway.
  • R3. Sir Robert Keith, b. abt. 1624, proclaimed an idiot in 1659.
  • R4. Alexander Keith, and idiot, d. bef. 1654.
  • R5. John Keith, 1st Earl of Kintore, Lord Keith of Inverugie and Keith Hall, d. 12 Apr 1715, m. 24 Apr 1662 to Margaret (b. 15 Jan 1641), daughter of Thomas, 2nd Earl of Haddington.
  • S1. William Keith, 2nd Earl of Kintore, d. 5 December 1718, m. bef. 1698 to Catherine (d. at Kintore, Jan 1726), daughter of David, 4th Viscount Stormont.
  • T1. John Keith, 3rd Earl of Kintore, bap. at Keith Hall 21 May 1699, Knight Marischal of Scotland, d. at Keith Hall 22 Nov 1758, m. at Edinburgh 21 Aug 1729 to Mary Erskine (b. 5 Jul 1714, d. at Edinburgh 9 May 1772), daughter of the Hon. James Erskine, Lord Grange.
  • T2. William Keith, 4th Earl of Kintore, bap. at Keith Hall 5 Jan 1702, d. at Keith Hall 22 Nov 1761.
  • T3. Catherine Margaret Keith, bap. at Keith Hall 29 Jun 1690, d. at Edinburgh 1 Mar 1762, m. contract 27 Nov 1703 to David, 5th Lord Falconer, whose family inherited the title.
  • T4. Jean Keith.
  • S2. a son.
  • S3. George Keith.
  • S4. Charles Keith.
  • S5. Jean Keith, m. Sir William Forbes of Monymusk, Baronet.
  • S6. Margaret Keith, aft. 9 Jul 1697 to Gavin Hamilton of Raploch.
  • R6. Mary Keith, m. Apr 1633 to John, Lord Kilpont, son of William, Earl of Menteith.
  • R7. Jean Keith, m. Alexander Forbes, 1st Lord Pitsligo.
  • R8. Anne.
  • Q2. *by 1* Anne Keith, m. contract 5 Mar 1604 to William Douglas, 7th Earl of Morton.
  • Q3. *by 1* Margaret Keith, m. contract 23 Dec 1615 to Sir Robert Arbuthnott of Arbuthnott.
  • Q4. *by 2* James Keith, of Benholm, m. bef. 19 Mar 1623 to Margaret Lindsay, daughter of Sir David Lindsay of Edzell.
  • R1. Margaret Keith, m. bef. 1650 to Sir John Elphinstone of Elphinstone.
  • R2. Elizabeth Keith, m. Sir Archibald Primrose of Dalmeny.
  • R3. Anna Keith, m. contract 1652, Patrick Smith of Braco.
  • Q5. Alexander Keith, bap. 10 Oct 1611.
  • Q6. John Keith.
  • R1. *illeg.* Gilbert Keith, leg. 19 May 1587.
  • Q7. Mary Keith, d. 14 Oct 1620, aged 5.
  • P2. William Keith, killed at Geneva in a scuffle in 1577.
  • P3. Mr. Robert Keith of Benholm, d. aft. 20 May 1605. May have had illegitimate issue.
  • P4. John Keith, m. contract 11 Nov 1577 to Elizabeth Keith, daughter of Alexander Keith of Troup.
  • P5. Margaret Keith, m. 1stly to William Keith, younger of Ludquharn, m. 2ndly Sir John Carnegie of Kinnaird; m. 3rdly to Sir William Graham of Braco.
  • P6. Jean Keith, m. James Gordon of Haddo.
  • P7. Mary Keith, d. 11 Mar 1619, m. contract 29 Jun 1582 to Robert Arbuthnott of that Ilk.
  • O2. Robert Keith, Commendator of Deer, Lord Altrie, d. bef. 19 May 1596, m. contract 24 May 1556, to Elizabeth Lundie daughter of Robert Lundie of Benholm.
  • P1. Elizabeth Keith, m. contract 4 Dec 1584 to Alexander Hay of Delgaty.
  • P2. Margaret Keith, m. 1stly bef. 28 Aug 1588 to John Erskine of Dun; m. 2ndly contract 26 May 1599 to Sir John Lindsay of Ballincho, son of David Lindsay, 9th Earl of Crawford.
  • O3. John Keith, rector of Duffus.
  • O4. Agnes/Annas Keith, d. at Edinburgh 16 Jul 1588, m. 1stly contract 7 Feb 1562 to James, Earl of Mar, Regent of Scotland (killed 1570); m. 2ndly to Colin, 6th Earl of Argyll.
  • O5. Alison Keith, m. Alexander, Lord Saltoun (d. 1587).
  • O6. Mary Keith, m. contract 5 Jun 1575 to John Campbell of Calder.
  • O7. Beatrix Keith, d. 19 May 1596, m. 1558 to John Allardyce of Allardyce.
  • O8. Joneta/Johanna Keith, m. bef. 15 Apr 1557 to Sir James Crichton of Frendraught.
  • O9. Margaret Keith, m. contract 28 AUg 1569 to John Kennedy of Blairquhan.
  • O10. Elizabeth Keith, may have m. Alexander Irvine of Drum.
  • O11. Isobel Keith, d. Aug 1595, m. Alexander Strachan, son of Sir John Strachan of Thornton.
  • O12. Barbara Keith, m. Alexander Forbes of Pitsligo.
  • N2. Robert Keith, Abbot of Deer, d. at Paris 12 Jun 1551, bur. church of the Carmelites, Place Maubert.
  • O1. *illeg.* Andrew Keith, Lord Dingwall, 18 years in the army of the King of Sweden, d. bef. 4 Apr 1603.
  • N3. Elizabeth Keith, m. contract 27 Mar 1530 to George, 4th Earl of Huntly.
  • N4. Janet Keith, m. 1543 to John Lyon, 7th Lord Glamis.
  • N5. Christian Keith, d. aft. 12 Jul 1553, m. aft. 1529 to Robert Arbuthnott of Arbuthnott (in his 2nd marriage).
  • N6. Beatrice Keith, m. Alexander Fraser of Philorth (d. 1564), son of Alexander Fraser, 7th of Philorth.
  • M2. William Keith of Troup, killed at Flodden 9 Sep 1513.
  • M3. Gilbert Keith of Troup, d. Dec 1537, m. Elizabeth Forbes (in her 1st marriage; m. 2ndly to Alexander Innes of that Ilk), daughter of John, 6th Lord Forbes.
  • N1. George Keith.
  • N2. Elizabeth Keith, m. 1550 to George Baird of Glenarthill.
  • M4. Alexander Keith of Pittendrum, m. Marion Lundie (in her 1st marriage, m. 2ndly Robert Arbuthnott), sister of Robert Lundie of Benholm.
  • N1. John Keith of Pittendrum, d. 1575, m. N. N. Barclay.
  • O1. William Keith of Pittendrum, d. 1590, m. contract 3 Mar 1581 to Barbara Keith, daughter of Alexander Keith of Troup.
  • P1. Alexander Keith of Pittendrum.
  • Q1. a son.
  • R1. a son.
  • S1. Alexander Keith of Uras.
  • P2. William Keith, ancestor of Sir Alexander Keith of Ravelston and Dunottar, Knight Marischal of Scotland.
  • M5. Mr. David Keith of Torterston and Buthlaw.
  • M6. Mr. George Keith, rector of Keith.
  • M7. Janet Keith, m. William, 2nd Earl of Montrose.
  • M8. Elizabeth Keith, m. 1stly Colin, Master of Oliphant (killed at Flodden 9 Sep 1513, by whom she became the mother of the 3rd Lord Oliphant), m. 2ndly William, 2nd Lord Sinclair.
  • M9. Agnes Keith, d. bef. 1548, m. Sir Archibald Douglas of Glenbervie.
  • M10. Christian Keith, m. aft. 12 Feb 1524, to Walter Ogilvy of Craigboyne.

Of Marischal:
Arms: Argent, on a chief or three pallets gu. Behind the shield two batons gules places saltirewise, semée of thistles, ensigned on the top with an imperial crown or, as badges of the office of Great Marischal of Scotland.
Crest: A hart's head erased proper, attired with ten tynes or.
Supporters: Two harts proper, attired as in the crest.
Motto: Veritas vincit.

Of Dingwall:
Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, ar., a chief paly of six gules and or; 2nd and 3rd, Gules, a lion rampant argent.
Crest: A deer's head couped (proper) attired azure.
Supporters: Dexter, a stag proper; sinister, a wolf proper.
Motto: Memento Creatorem.

Of Altrie:
Arms: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, Or, a saltire, and chief gules, 2nd and 3rd, Argent a chief paly of six pieces or and gules.
Crest: A rock proper.
Supporters: Dexter, an unicorn argent, horned and unguled or, sinister, a deer proper.
Motto: Watch the temptation.

Sources: Balfour Paul, J. (1909) The Scots Peerage, vol. 6. Edinburgh: David Douglas. // Balfour Paul, J. (1908) The Scots Peerage, vol. 5. Edinburgh: David Douglas. // Balfour Paul, J. (1904) The Scots Peerage, vol. 1. Edinburgh: David Douglas. // Balfour Paul, J. (1906) The Scots Peerage, vol. 3. Edinburgh: David Douglas.

Descendants of James Keith

 1. James Keith Born 1650 Marischal College, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
     Died 1757 Y. Somme Picardie, France.
     Married Dorothy
2. Reverend James Francis Keith

James (Rev.)1 Keith was born in 1696 at Peterhead, Aberdeen, Scotland. He married Mary Isham Randolph, daughter of Thomas (Tuckahoe) Randolph and Judith Fleming, on 2 Mar 1732/33 Near Germantown. He died in 10 Dec 1752 at Bristersburg, VA. He was buried in 1752 at Fauquier, VA; he and wife buried under chancel of old Elk Run Church, Prince Wm. County now Fauquier.
Hereditary Earls Marischal of Scotland. He was 1745-1753 Episcopal Parson, Hamilton Parish, Fauquier.  He emigrated on 4 Mar 1727/28 from Rec'd King's Bounty to go to Virginia. On 12 Oct 1733 removed to Maryland briefly. On 25 Jun 1753 Appraisers appointed by Prince William County, John Wright, George Hovile, John Ambrose and John Crump. Estate Appraisal on 26 Mar 1754 Inventory and appraisement of estate recorded PWC. Estate Account on 31 May 1754 Additional estate inventory recorded in PWC.
Children of James (Rev.)1 Keith and Mary Isham Randolph were as follows:

  • +  2  i.   James2 Keith Jr. was born circa 1734 at Prince William (now Fauquier). He married Catherine Contee, daughter of John Contee and Margaret Snowden.


  • +  3  ii.   John Keith was born circa 1735 at Prince William (now Fauquier). He married Mary (Elizabeth?) Doniphan, daughter of Alexander Doniphan and Mary Waugh, after 1768.


  • +  4  iii.   Isham (Lieut) Keith was born in 1735 at Prince William (of "Woodbourne" Fauquier). He married Charlotte Ashmore, daughter of William Ashmore and Elizabeth (Betty) Gallahue, in 1778 Fauquier.


  • +  5  iv.   Thomas (Capt.) Randolph Keith was born circa 1736 at Prince William (now Fauquier). He married Judith Blackwell, daughter of Joseph (Col.) Blackwell Sr. and Lucy Steptoe, on 25 May 1775 Fauquier County, VA Sec. V, Ch 33.


  • +  6  v.   Mary Randolph Keith was born on 28 Apr 1737 at Prince William (now Fauquier). She married Thomas (Col.) Marshall, son of John (of the Forest) Marshall and Elizabeth Markham, in 1754 Germantown, Prince William County now Fauquier.


  • +  7  vi.   Judith Keith was born circa 1741 at Prince William (now Fauquier). She married James Key, possibly son of Father Price, circa 1765 Fauquier Co., VA.


  • +  8  vii.   Elizabeth Keith was born in 1745 at Prince William (now Fauquier). She married Edward Ford, son of Thomas Ford and Jane Milstead, in
3. Captain James W. Keith Born 1734 Hamilton Parish, Faquier, Virginia
     Died October 16 1824 Alexandria , Alexandria, Virginaia U.S.A.
4. James Keith  Born April 08 1763 Winchester, Frederick, Virginia. U.S.A.
     Died February 02 1853 Shelby, Shelby, Indiana. U.S.A.
    James married Nancy Ann Hacker Born 1745  Bushes Fort Upshur, Virginia. Died 1827 Winchester, Frederock, Virginia.
    James married Marry Ann Alkire BorOctober 05 1771 Hardy Bedford, Virginia Died 1846 Shelbyville, Shelby, Indiana.
5. John Andrew Keith Born December 23 1789 Lewis, West Virgigia
    Died June 14 1844 Sugar Creek Shelby Indiana
   John Married, Mercy Collins Born December 1795 Lewis, Virginia. Died January 13 1837
6. Martin Hale Keith Born 1809 Pendleton, Anderson, South Carolina.
   Died December 22 1890. Amity, Clark, Arkanasas.
   Martin Keith Married Elizabeth Black.  Born August 09 1808. North Carolina, U.S.A.
   DiedNovember 08 1880 Amity Clark, Arkansas. U.S.A.
7. William Hennegar Keith Born August 06 1833. Calhoun, Alabama.
   Died Otober 20 1880. Hot Springs, Arkansas.
8. O'henry Patton Keith Born Otober 04 1856 St. Clair, Alabama.
   Died May 16 1924 Hot Springs, Arkansas.
                                                                                                       Mary Melinda Keith
                              September 05, 1860 in Clark Co., AR, and died August 04, 1947 in Hot Springs Co., AR (Hickory Grove Cemetery)
                                                                                                    O. Henry Patton Keith
                                                                                   Born Otober 04 1856 St. Clair, Alabama.
                                                                                  Died May 16 1924 Hot Springs, Arkansas.        
                                                                  Burial: 1924, Hot Springs Co., AR (Hickory Grove Cemetery)

Children of Mary Jones and O. Keith are:
        i.           Willis Hennigar7 Keith, born June 03, 1879 in Hot Springs Co., AR; died November 29, 1954 in Snowflake, Navajo Co., AZ.
        ii.          Joseph Walter Keith born January 10, 1881 in Hot Springs, Garland Co., AR; died May 06, 1914 in AR. He married Carla McCorkle; born                       Abt. 1885; died Unknown.
                    More About Joseph Walter Keith:
                    Burial: 1914, Amity, Clark Co., AR (Jones Cemetery)
       iii.          Charles Alexander Keith, born February 28, 1883 in Amity, Clark Co., AR; died June 22, 1960 in Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY.
       iv.          Virgil Brandon Keith, born February 13, 1886 in Amity, Clark Co., AR; died September 14, 1964 in Hot Springs, Garland Co., AR.                                   He married Lula Thornton; died Unknown.
       v.           Mary Eva Keith, born June 30, 1887 in Amity, Clark Co., AR; died March 14, 1920 in AR. She married John Phillips; died Unknown.
       vi.          Isaac Livingston Keith, born June 13, 1889 in Amity, Clark Co., AR; died February 22, 1961. He married Lesle Mable Hardin;                                         died Unknown.
      vii.         Thomas Alfred Keith, born June 1891 in Amity, Clark Co., AR; died July 1893.
      viii.         Addie Elizabeth Keith, born April 25, 1894 in Clark Co., AR; died January 1990 in TX.
      ix.           Myrtle Viola Keith, born August 26, 1897 in Clark Co., AR; died April 1983 in SC. She married Clyde Hardin WFT Est. 1911-1944; born                         WFT Est. 1880-1900; died WFT Est. 1914-1986.
       x.           Minnie Ann Keith, born April 15, 1899 in Clark Co., AR; died June 1987 in AR. She married Dayton Montgomery October 07, 1917; born                       WFT Est. 1872-1899; died WFT Est. 1922-1986.
       xi.          Earl Gordon Keith, born March 19, 1903 in Clark Co., AR; died August 1982.

     Virgil married Lula Mae Thornton, the daughter of Larkin Thornton and Elizabeth Allen who was born in 1891and raised in the DeRoche community near Bismarck..  Their early married years were spent in Amity where Mr. Keith was in the sawmill industry.  Their first child, Marvin Edgar, was born in 1912 and their second child, Margie Irene, was born in 1914.  They decided to move to West Texas and traveled by wagon.  Margie was just a baby.  Lula did not like Texas so they moved back to Arkansas and settled near Caney.  Their third child , Hazel Elizabeth, was born there in 1917 in Caney. They moved to the DeRoche community across from Lula’s father, Larkin McKinney Thornton.  The Thorntons were some of the first settlers in the DeRoche community.  Lula was a direct descendant of Needham Anderson Thornton who fought in the Revolutionary army.  She was also a descendent of Olen McKinney Thornton who fought in the Civil War and who donated two acres for the Hickory Grove Church and first part of the cemetery and the school.  In 1922  their fourth child, Graham Randolph Keith, was born.  In 1923 their fifth child, Larkin Henry Ford Keith, was born.   In 1932 Lula gave birth to her sixth child, Mary Anna Keith. 


     It was at this time that The Keiths moved to Hot Springs.  For a time they lived near Hempwallace.  Then they moved into a home called the Mooney Place.  A Mrs. Rothman lived across the street.  There was nothing but pasture land for miles.  This would be where Frieda Street is now.  They moved closer to the streetcar line to Summer Street.  Elmer Tackett, the attorney lived across the street.  Mrs. Tackett later opened up a Kindergarten there.  For a time both Marvin and his dad, Virgil, had peddling trucks or stores on wheels. Marvin continued in the grocery business most of his life.  They made runs to Buckville, Point Cedar and other outlying communities.  Virgil also worked for Brown and Matlock  and Thornton Lumber Co.  It was at this time that they bought their first home on Thornton Street up from McClard’s.


     Randolph, Ford, and Mary Anna all graduated from Hot Springs High School.  Randolph and Ford wrote and sang gospel songs in their early years.  Randolph was pianist at Second Baptist in his early years .He was also director of the First Baptist Choir in the 40’s.  Their mother, Lula Mae, had instilled in them her love for gospel music. Lula also a dedicated Christian.   She was a 45 year member of Oaklawn Missionary Baptist Church and taught the Ladies Sunday School Class for many years.  At that time singing schools were popular and they taught singing schools.  Ford was founder of the Stamps Ozark Quartet which originated from Wichita Falls, Texas.  Sadly Ford died at the age of 28.  All three sons served in the military in World War II.

                                                                                           Lulu Keith, Melinda & Luanna Kinnard

     In 1953 Virgil had a diabetic stroke and was bedfast for many years.   Lula tried to keep him at home and take care of him as long as she could.  She was finally forced to put him in a Nursing Home when she could no longer take care of him.


     Virgil died in 1964 and Lula Mae died in 1980.  They are buried in Memorial Gardens Cemetery surrounded by children and family.

Photo courtesy of John Crenshaw
Ford Keith was well known in Southern Gospel music in the late forties and early fifties. He was the lead singer with the Stamps Ozark Quartet in Wichita Falls, Texas when he died with a kidney disease in 1951 at the age of 27. This is an Air Force picture taken during World War II. He served with John Crenshaw

                                                                             Ford Keith Stamps Ozark Quartet

Left to right
Marvin Edgar Keith, Graham Randolf Keith & Ford Keith
Each of them had served in the U.S. armed forces I would guess around 1945
It amazes me the resemblance Ford Keith has to my father Millard Edgar Keith at that age.
I would have love to have met Ford Keith, He passed away in 1948.

                                                                                   In Loving Memory June Elizabeth Keith                                                                      
More On Graham Randolph Keith

June Elizabeth Keith, 89, of Hot Springs died December 25, 2010. She was born June 7, 1921 to Charles and Maggie Burgess. She is preceded in death by her parents and husband Graham Randolph Keith.

Survivors include two daughters; Brenda and husband George Eckardt and Gloria and husband Matthew Rogozinski. Four grandchildren; Jason Eckardt, Courtney and husband Bill Mangarelli, Stephanie and husband Daniel Godwin and Benjamin and wife Stacia Rogozinski five great grand children Elizabeth and David Mangarelli, and Olivia, Benjamin,Jr. and Maddox Rogozinski and another great grandchild due in March, Madison Godwin.

Visitation will be held at Gross Funeral Home Sunday January 2, 2010 from 5-7 p.m. Funeral services will be 9 a.m. Monday January 3, 2010 at Gross Funeral Home Chapel with Pastor Mike Fenley officiating. Interment will be follow at Memorial Gardens Cemetery.

Marvin married Ruby Jane Thomason.  They had three children, Blanche, Millard and Alice.  Margie married Bob Trinkle and they lived most of her life in Wilmington, California.  They had one son, Robert.  Hazel married Evert Littleton and they had four children, Laverne, Gwendolyn, Keith, and Janet.  Randolph married June Elizabeth Burgess and they had two daughters, Brenda and Gloria.  Ford married Billie Marie Wright and they had one daughter, Pamela.  Mary Anna married Boy Kinnaird and they had two daughters, Luanna and Melinda.
      From Left to Right : Rush Loy and wife Amy Thomason Loy, Marvin Edgar Keith and wife Ruby Jane Thomason
                              Marriage Record Marvin Keith, Ruby Thomason June 28 1929 With Written Permission From Mr And Mrs Virgil Keith
                                                 From Left to Right, Margie Irene, Blanche, Ruby Keith, Blanche was The first born.
                                            Blanche Married Arthur Broadbent, Children from this marriage were, Chip, Charlie, Richie

More On Blanche Irene Keith                                                   In Loving Memory

Blanche Irene Keith Broadbent, 79, of Pearcy, Arkansas, was born June 10, 1931, to Marvin Edgar Keith and Ruby Jane Thomason Keith at DeRoche, near Bismarck, Arkansas; she passed away February 24, 2011.

She was predeceased by her parents and one brother, Millard Edgar Keith. She is survived by her loving husband of 57 years Arthur Broadbent, Jr. and three loving and devoted sons; Arthur (Chip) Broadbent III, of Norfolk, VA, Charles Edward Broadbent and wife, Paula, of Hot Springs, Arkansas, and Richard Erik Broadbent and wife, Jennifer, of Wichita, Kansas. Three adorable grandchildren, Andrew, son of Charles and Paula, and Alexis and Aiden, children of Richard and Jennifer; one very special sister and brother-in-law, Alice Keith Collier and Martin Collier; one special niece, Alison Collier Fendley, and nieces Susan Broadbent Wilkerson and Carol Broadbent Koster; and special nephews, James Collier, Mark Keith, David Keith, Paul Keith, Stuart Keith and John Broadbent. She has three sisters-in-law, Dorothy Broadbent Carney of Fiskdale, Massachusetts, Diane Harris Broadbent of San Bernardino, California, and Carletta Solomon Keith of Houston, Texas. She is also survived by one aunt, Mary Anna Keith Kinnaird, of Hot Springs, and by several cousins. A nephew, Alan Keith, of Houston, Texas and an aunt, June Burgess Keith of Hot Springs, Arkansas, are deceased.

Mrs. Broadbent graduated with honors from Hot Springs High School in 1949 and from Henderson State Teachers College in 1953. While at HSTC, she was named by the faculty as one of the 10 top students of the freshman class of 1949-50. She began her teaching career at Glenwood High School in Glenwood, Arkansas. In 1953 she married 2nd Lt. Arthur Broadbent, Jr.; they were assigned to Biggs AFB in El Paso, Texas. While there Mrs. Broadbent taught at Bowie High School. The couple returned to Hot Springs in 1956 where Mrs. Broadbent taught at Hot Springs High School. In 1957 she began teaching at Lakeside High School and Lakeside Elementary. After Lt. Broadbent was called back into service in 1962, Mrs. Broadbent taught at Keeseville High School in Keeseville, New York and Peru Central School in Peru, New York. After her husband’s retirement from the Air Force, the family returned to Hot Springs in 1976. Mrs. Broadbent again taught at Lakeside Elementary and retired from Lake Hamilton Elementary in 1996 with a total of 28 years of teaching.

Mrs. Broadbent was a charter member of the South Hot Springs Business and Professional Womens’ Club in 1956-57. She is a member of the Garland County Retired Teachers Association. She was a member of Second Baptist Church for many years and is now a member of Crossgate Church.

In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations to Hospice Home Care Foundation or Komen for the Cure be made.

                                                                                                Ruby Thomason Keith, 1945
                                                                            1945 with Left To Right, Millard, Blanche& Alice "Keith"
                                                                           Millard Edgar Keith, High School Football Around 1950
                                                            Loyd Emerson left, Millard Keith right Walking Down Central Avenue 1952
         Millard Edgar Keith and his wife, Carletta (Solomon), and their first child Mark Brandon, taken in 1958. Carletta was from Ada, Oklahoma.
                   Marvin, Ran A Texico Gas Station Off Of Highway 70 S. in The Late 60's Later It Became A Small Church Then An Antique Store
                                            From Left To Right. Carletta, Down one Alan Down One Paul, Millard, Stuart, Mark, David.

Millard Married, Carletta Marvine Solomon, Born Dec 24 1932 Ada, Ok. Died Aug 19 2012. Houston, Tx.
Children From This Marriage Were,
Mark Brandon, Born
David Lynn, Born Married Susan
Children from this marriage, 1. Angela Keith
Alan Scott, Born.  1962 Died May 19 2004, Houston, Tx. Alan married, May Towler
Children from this marriage
1. Shalea Keith b. July 10, 1989  Houston, Tx.
2. Ryan Keith b. October 2 1990 Houston, Tx.
Paul Anthony, Born August 21 1964 Dallas, Texas
Stuart Wesley Born. May 13 1966 Kansas City, Mo. Stuart married Anis Elfira of Indonesia.
Children from this marriage
1. Velaria Elfira Keith, b. May 10 2007 Batam, Indonesia
2. Graham Patton Keith b. May 16 2010 Batam, Indonesia

More On Alan Scott Keith,
In Loving Memory
ALAN KEITH, age 43, died may 19, 2004. He is survived by his children, Shalea and Ryan Keith. He is also survived by his mother, Carletta Keith, and four brothers, Mark, David, Paul and Stuart. Visitation will take place at Miller Funeral Services, 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. Friday, May 21, 2004. The funeral will be held at 2:00 p.m., Saturday, May 22, 2004 at Oak Lakes Baptist Church, 15555 West Airport, Sugar Land. In lieu of flowers please make donations to the American Heart Association.Book
  • "It's your Birthday! You have not been forgotten, RSP David"
    - David Keith 

More On Carletta Marvine Keith,

In Loving Memory

Carletta Marvine Solomon Keith, Houston resident and Oklahoma native, went to her heavenly home on August 19, 2012. She was born December 24, 1932, near Vanoss, OK, to Carl and Delia Harris Solomon. Carletta began playing the piano at an early age and became a very accomplished musician on the piano and accordion. She attended the Stamps School of Music in Dallas, where she met and married Millard E. Keith. She put her musical talent to good use, accompanying many groups over the years at southern gospel singing conventions.
For about 50 years, Carletta was a legal secretary for various law firms in Kansas and Texas. She enjoyed gardening, especially wildflowers of many varieties. She had a strong interest in genealogical research and worked tirelessly in discovering her family histories.
She was preceded in death by her parents; husband, Millard; son, Alan Keith; seven brothers, Archie, Eldred, Spurgeon, Melvin, Luther, Leonard and Raybert; two sisters, Addie Solomon Madden and Marjorie Solomon Blansett; sister-in-law, Blanche Keith Broadbent; brother-in-law, Arthur Broadbent; and several nieces and nephews. She is survived by four sons, Mark, David, Paul and Stuart; two daughters-in-law, Lois Keith and Anis Keith; and seven grandchildren, Angela, Johnna, Shalea, Leah, Ryan, Valeria and Graham. She is also survived by two sisters-in-law, Carolyn Solomon and Alice Keith Collier.
A Visitation will be held Wednesday, August 22, 2012 from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. in the Miller Funeral Chapel, 7723 Beechnut, Houston, TX 77074. Funeral Services will be held Thursday, August 23, 2012 at 10:00 a.m., also in the Miller Funeral Chapel. Interment will be at Lightning Ridge Cemetery, near Ada, OK.

Alice Married Martin Collier At Berry Chapel, Ouachita Baptist College (now University). August 1962. Children From This Marriage are.
Jame Martin Collier,
Alison Collier.


 284. Rev. Joseph Henry6 Jones (Willis Cornelius5, Robert4, William Andrew3, John2, Unknown1)808,809,810,811 was born 1855 in Hot Springs Co., AR812, and died February 27, 1920 in OK. He married Martha A. Cearley813,814,815 1877, daughter of Unknown Cearley and Spouse Unknown. She was born 1858 in AR, and died WFT Est. 1883-1951.

Notes for Rev. Joseph Henry Jones: Online/Census/1900/ClarkCo.,AR:Date of Import 12/28/00:
Dwelling #141
Jones, Joseph H.......WM....45....Head....Farmer....AR....TN....AR
Jones, Martha A........WF.....42....Wife.....................AR....NC....NC
Jones, Willis L..........WM....21....Son......................AR....AR....AR
Jones, John F............WM....14....Son......................AR....AR....AR
Jones, Marly M..........WM.....8....Son.......................AR....AR....AR
Allen, Amanda C.........WF....60....???.......................SC....SC....SC

More About Rev. Joseph Henry Jones:
Census: 1900, Clark Co., AR, Amity Twp
Occupation: Minister of the Missionary Baptist Church in the Crystal Springs Community.
Children of Joseph Jones and Martha Cearley are:
      642     i.           Richard7 Jones816, born WFT Est. 1875-1902 in AR; died Unknown.
      643     ii.           Willis L. Jones816, born 1879 in AR; died Unknown.
      644     iii.           John Fletcher Jones816, born 1886 in AR; died Unknown.
      645     iv.           Marley M. Jones, born 1892 in AR; died Unknown.

      285. Sarah Jane6 Jones (Willis Cornelius5, Robert4, William Andrew3, John2, Unknown1)817,818,819,820,821,822 was born August 02, 1857 in Hot Springs Co., AR823, and died June 12, 1946 in Spencerville, Choctaw Co., OK. She married William Andrew Jackson824,825,826,827 January 27, 1876 in Hot Springs Co., AR828. He was born March 25, 1859 in TN829, and died November 17, 1928 in Jackfork, Pittsburg Co., OK.

More About Sarah Jane Jones:
Burial: June 1946, Hugo, Choctaw Co., OK (Mt. Olivet Cemetery)

More About William Andrew Jackson:
Burial: November 1928, Jackfork, Pittsburg Co., OK (Ti Valley Cemetery)
Children of Sarah Jones and William Jackson are:
+     646     i.           Mary Ann7 Jackson, born 1877 in Hot Springs Co., AR; died Unknown.
      647     ii.           Silas Cornelius Jackson829,830,831, born March 17, 1879 in Hot Springs Co., AR; died October 08, 1904.
      648     iii.           William Heavington Jackson832,833,834, born November 05, 1880 in Hot Springs Co., AR; died February 01, 1972 in Chowcilla, CA. He married Maude Lodina Collins835,836; died Unknown.
      649     iv.           David Arthur Jackson837,838,839, born October 16, 1882 in Hot Springs Co., AR; died February 16, 1952. He married Anna J. Unknown840,841,842; born March 27, 1886; died December 30, 1951.
     More About David Arthur Jackson:
Burial: Unknown, Major Co., OK (Fairview Cemetery)

     More About Anna J. Unknown:
Burial: Unknown, Major Co., OK (Fairview Cemetery)

      650     v.           Martha Malinda Jackson843,844,845, born September 17, 1883 in Hot Springs Co., AR; died March 21, 1969. She married Toney Jeffreys846,847; died Unknown.
      651     vi.           Florence Victoria Jackson848,849,850, born July 17, 1887 in Hot Springs Co., AR; died February 09, 1962 in WA. She married (1) Arthur Collins851,852,853; died Unknown. She married (2) John Wright854; died Unknown.
      652     vii.           Henry Harrison Jackson855,856,857, born July 17, 1888 in AR; died April 17, 1932 in Hugo, Choctaw Co., OK. He married Mary Unknown858; died Unknown.
     More About Henry Harrison Jackson:
Burial: Unknown, Hugo, Choctaw Co., OK (Mt. Olivet Cemetery)

+     653     viii.           Ivoria Palestine Jackson, born February 23, 1891 in Scott Co., AR; died March 05, 1987 in McAlester, Pittsburg Co., OK.
      654     ix.           John Wiley Jackson859,860,861, born July 23, 1893 in AR; died January 26, 1913.

      286. Mary Melinda6 Jones (Willis Cornelius5, Robert4, William Andrew3, John2, Unknown1)862,863,864,865 was born September 05, 1860 in Clark Co., AR, and died August 04, 1947 in Hot Springs Co., AR866. She married O. Henry Patton Keith867,868,869,870 March 28, 1878 in AR, son of William Keith and Mariah Dickerson. He was born October 04, 1856 in Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa Co., AL, and died May 16, 1924 in AR.

More About Mary Melinda Jones:
Burial: Unknown, Hot Springs Co., AR (Hickory Grove Cemetery)

      287. Eliza Handson6 Jones (Willis Cornelius5, Robert4, William Andrew3, John2, Unknown1)897,898,899,900 was born July 06, 1861 in AR901, and died January 24, 1892 in Hot Springs, AR902. She married Jesse McDuffie Ketchum903,904,905 December 25, 1879 in Clark Co., AR, son of Simon Ketchum and Elizabeth Patrick. He was born October 03, 1858 in MS, and died December 27, 1942 in Hot Springs, AR.

Notes for Eliza Handson Jones:
Source:Family Tree Maker,;Hugh Goodman:Date of Import 11/05/00:
A physical description of Eliza Handson given in 1903 described her as having brown hair, dark eyes, and a dark complexion. The dark complexion was the main feature as the Jones family was trying to prove Choctaw ancestry:

Marriage Notes for Eliza Jones and Jesse Ketchum: Database Search Results, GED file 1320709.ftw:Date of Import 06/29/01:
Married at her home by John W. Davis, Minister.
Children of Eliza Jones and Jesse Ketchum are:
      666     i.           James H.7 Ketchum906,907, born 1882; died Unknown.
      667     ii.           Rushia A. Ketchum908,909, born 1883; died Unknown. She married Joseph J. Deaton909; born Abt. 1880; died Unknown.
      668     iii.           Mary L. Ketchum910,911, born 1886; died Unknown.
      669     iv.           Joseph G. Ketchum912,913, born 1888; died Unknown.

      288. Julia Ann6 Jones (Willis Cornelius5, Robert4, William Andrew3, John2, Unknown1) was born September 18, 1865 in Hot Springs Co., AR, and died June 16, 1944 in Sperry, Tulsa Co., OK. She married Dozier Lenox Mathews August 04, 1881 in Hot Springs Co., AR. He was born February 03, 1858 in Dekalb, Bowie Co., TX, and died April 12, 1938 in Sperry, Tulsa Co., OK.

More About Julia Ann Jones:
Burial: June 1944, Sperry, Tulsa Co., OK

More About Dozier Lenox Mathews:
Burial: April 1938, Sperry, Tulsa Co., OK
Children of Julia Jones and Dozier Mathews are:
      670     i.           Joseph James7 Mathews914,915, born 1883; died Unknown.
+     671     ii.           James Joseph Mathews, born July 22, 1883 in Hot Springs Co., AR; died November 28, 1947 in Vinita, OK.
+     672     iii.           Mary Alice Mathews, born May 18, 1885 in Cash Co., TX; died June 13, 1971 in Sperry, Tulsa Co., OK.
+     673     iv.           Rossie Jane Mathews, born 1888 in Hot Springs Co., AR; died Unknown in Tulsa, Tulsa Co., OK.
      674     v.           Rossie Jane Mathews916,917, born 1889; died Unknown.
+     675     vi.           Willis Henry Mathews, born 1896; died 1992 in Tulsa, Tulsa Co., OK.
      676     vii.           Willis Henry Mathews918,919, born 1897; died Unknown.
+     677     viii.           Atlas Tahlequah Mathews, born April 09, 1903 in Hot Springs Co., AR; died September 06, 1968 in Martinez, CA.